Vision & mission                        දැක්ම සහ මෙහෙවර

Our Vision

To create an environment that fosters sound ethical values and promotes the development of compassion, self-knowledge, wisdom and communal responsibility, combined with the academic and social skills vital to a successful presence in society, through the values of Buddhist Teachings and Sinhala Heritage.

Our Mission

The Dubai Dhahampasala is a volunteer-run organization devoted to instilling Sri Lankan children in Dubai and the Northern Emirates of the UAE with the knowledge of the Sinhala language, Sinhala heritage and Buddhism. Formal teaching occurs on a weekly basis, while considerable attention is also placed on cultural, social and religious activities.

Our Core Objectives

•  To provide children with a basic knowledge of speaking, reading and writing of the Sinhala language, Sinhala heritage, ethics and traditions, which are not available in their day-to-day school curriculum.

•  To teach children Buddhism and its practice, helping them to develop mindfulness, wisdom and compassion.

•  To provide an environment of loving kindness where learning is encouraged and children are helped to establish a positive approach to learning and life.

•  To foster self-esteem and social skills based upon the Buddhist way of life, while imparting the knowledge of the Dhamma, so that children are confident and able to form respectful relationships.

•  To encourage children to cultivate sound ethical values and a sense of responsibility combined with the academic and social skills that enable them to make a successful transition into society.

•  To develop children to act in a manner that benefits themselves, their community and the world at large.